Gigglebit: This retro gaming version of The Walking Dead is better than the TV series

19 Mar 2015

Still from CineFix's The Walking Dead. Photo via YouTube

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Do you watch The Walking Dead? I checked out the first season and gave up, but the consensus in the Silicon Republic office seems to be that it’s a somewhat enjoyable show.

For me, there was nothing in it that lived up to the comic book series on which the programme is based, but the new retro gaming version certainly comes close.

This throwback video is produced for CineFix as part of its 8-Bit Cinema series. Watch pixilated versions of your favourite characters ploughing through the zombie hordes, and your favourite scenes from seasons 1 and 2 recreated in all their 8-bit glory. Alas, if only it was playable.

Click below to watch, but be warned, there are spoilers throughout.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic