Going back in time: Spotify Rewind wants your music to go retro

15 Jun 2015

Always looking to keep themselves on top of the pyramid of music streaming services, Spotify has released Rewind, a service that takes your music taste in modern artists and shows you artists from decades ago that you might like.

The first details of Spotify Rewind were made public in a Facebook post by a Spotify engineer spotted by VentureBeat detailing the service, which is now available to try on both desktop and mobile versions.

“Ever wondered which artists you would be listening to if you were born in another time?,” Juan Manuel Serruya’s post said. “Spotify can help you turn your music back in time, try it out!”

The concept is rather simple, in that Rewind prompts you to choose three artists that you’ve previously listened to who have been popular in the last few years and it will then go back from the 1960s to the 2000s to show you artists you’d probably like.

Spotify Rewind 2000s

Spotify Rewind 1990s

Spotify Rewind 1980s

Spotify Rewind 1970s

Spotify Rewind 1960s

It will then give you 30 seconds of the songs, presented in a way that shows graphic design was clearly given importance, with the playlists looking like concert posters from the era.

However, it appears to still very much be in an early developmental stage as Spotify has yet to give an official statement on the service.

Similarly, artists offered through Rewind suggestions appear to be similar each time per decade, but it will likely see its scope grow with further development.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic