Google brings YouTube videos to Google+ Hangouts

15 Jun 2012

YouTube has added a cool new feature that lets users throw their favourite playlists, or lets friends compile them for you, within a Hangout. In other words YouTube parties are now a video conferencing experience.

Google+ has over 150m users and it is interesting how Google is making the most of the various assets it has built up over the years – let’s not forget that YouTube is effectively the second largest search engine in the world.

“Everyone can add videos in the Hangout through a search tool in the app, or remove the videos you don’t like,” Ullas Gargi, software engineer for YouTube explained.

“All your friends in the Hangout can drag and drop videos to sort the order in the playlist, or skip forward or backward to play the next one. C
“Click the “Push to talk” button to chat with the group to give props to the best curator, or to hand out reprimands to the friend who keeps adding the 10-hour Nyan Cat video.”

Gargi said that if users like a video that’s playing they can share the video with their Google+ circles.
“Since great playlists are works of art, you can also save the playlist that you and your friends created to your YouTube account as public or private to enjoy later.

The new app is available right now in 60 languages, Gargi added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years