Google Goggles can now solve Soduku puzzles

11 Jan 2011

The latest update of mobile app Google Goggles uses a smartphone’s camera to take a photo of any Soduku puzzle, sending it back to Google, which then generates an answer it sends back to the user as an image.

The main function of Google Goggles, which is available on the iPhone and all Google Android phones, is for price comparison information and searching the web in general. It is a visual recognition app that allows users to photograph objects and receive relevant Google search results.

The latest version, Goggles 1.3 client for Android, also features instant barcode scanning and print ad recognition. Now, it can solve the number-crunching grid that is Sudoku.

Phil McNeill, the Daily Telegraph‘s puzzles editor, described the move as “a sad day” for puzzle fans.

Tina Costanza