Google predicts a Jedward Eurovision win

4 May 2011

Jedward has topped Google’s Eurovision forecaster, a tool set up to predict the winner of next week’s European song competition, for almost one full week, it was revealed this morning.

Ireland’s dynamic act, Jedward, took the lead on 28 April but has now slipped back to second place behind Lena of Germany.

The Lucan-born twins, who rose to fame during last year’s UK X-Factor television show, are looking to take the title back to Ireland for the first time since 1996.

Based on Google search data, the Google Eurovision Forecaster identifies which act is most searched for on Google in each participating country. In keeping with Eurovision tradition, each act is awarded 1-12 points based on where they rank in Google search. Search data from the act’s home country is excluded, replicating Eurovision judging rules.

Google launched the tool on 24 April, with Jedward storming to the top spot on 28 April, where they have remained ever since. Today, Lena from Germany overtook the pair by just two points.

Google’s latest figures predict Jedward will amass a massive 121 points.

The Google predictor has correctly predicted the winner of the Eurovision for the past two years.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest takes place from 10-14 May in Dusseldorf, Germany, where Jedward will sing Lipstick

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