Google to drop popular Bump and Flock data-sharing apps

2 Jan 2014

Popular data and photo-sharing apps Bump and Flock, which have been used by millions of people on their iPhone and Android devices, are to be jettisoned by Google.

Using a combination of Bluetooth and GPS, Bump allowed users to exchange contact details by bumping two devices together while Flock crowdsourced photos from people attending the same event to create a single photo album.

Google acquired Bump, the company behind the Bump and Flock apps, only last September for an undisclosed sum.

The company, a Y Combinator graduate, was backed by investors including Sherpalo, Felicis, Marc Andreessen, and Sequoia Capital.


The CEO and co-founder of Bump David Leib confirmed the impending removal of the apps from various app stores. “We are now deeply focused on our new projects within Google, and we’ve decided to discontinue Bump and Flock.

“On January 31, 2014, Bump and Flock will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. After this date, neither app will work, and all user data will be deleted.

“We’ve taken much care to make sure that you can retain any data you have in Bump and Flock. At any point in the next 30 days, simply open either app and and follow the instructions for exporting your data. You’ll then receive an email with a link containing all of your data (photos, videos, contacts, etc) from Bump or Flock.

“Over the years, we’ve been inspired and humbled by the millions of people who have used Bump and Flock. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and support has brought much meaning to our work, and we want to thank you all for that.

“In many ways, Bump was a revolutionary product that inspired many subsequent advances and helped push the world forward. We hope our new creations at Google will do the same,” Lieb said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years