Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video revealed by Rockstar Games

10 Jul 2013

Image via Rockstar Games

We are now just over two months away from the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which looks to be Rockstar Games’ most ambitious addition to the crime-filled open-world video-game franchise. Now is when the hype will begin to be amped to 11, starting with this video captured entirely from in-game footage.

The near-five-minute video showcases stunning landscapes created for the fictional city of Los Santos, San Andreas – the GTA take on Los Angeles, California.

As well as being challenged with setting up, planning and executing elaborate heists, players of Grand Theft Auto V will be able to explore this rich open world and play tennis, ride bikes, go hunting or try sky diving or scuba diving. They can also choose how they spend the money they steal, be it on cars, clothes and tattoos or stocks and real estate.

The video also indicates how gameplay will work with three protagonists on the go – a first for the GTA series. Whether playing as Michael, the bank robber turned family man; Franklin, the street-hustling repo man; or Trevor, Michael’s unhinged former partner, players will be able to drop in on the other characters at any moment.

As well as creating intricate, intertwining storylines, Rockstar Games has also focused on the mechanics of the game to ensure all the action – be it driving, shooting, swimming or playing golf – is fluid and well-executed.


Originally set to arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in spring of this year, the release of Grand Theft Auto V was pushed back to 17 September to allow Rockstar Games more time to perfect it. Impatient fans have whiled away the time be sharing #GrandTheftAutoMemories on Twitter, but this new video will surely give them something to tide them over.

More snippets from the game can be expected over the next two months as Rockstar Games is yet to reveal the details of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic