Hailo adds option to card-pay on the go

11 Sep 2014

Hailo's general manager, Tim Arnold, with taxi driver, Owen O'Sullivan

Taxi app Hailo has launched Pay with Hailo, a feature that will let users pay for their street-hailed Hailo taxi using their account without the need to book a cab in advance.

Known as Pay with Hailo, the service works across both Android and iOS but is geared more towards the latter with the implementation of Apple’s iBeacon technology.

This allows the user to automatically connect with the taxi requesting whether the customer would like to pay through his or her account using Bluetooth.

Android users and iOS users without access to iBeacon can access the service by selecting the taxi driver hired from a list on the app itself.

Speaking with Siliconrepublic.com, Hailo’s general manager for Ireland, Tim Arnold, confirmed the service does not need to be activated once a person enters the taxi, as the total amount on the meter will be deducted at whatever point the service is activated.

The company has also confirmed that for an initial promotional period, there will be no charge to either the passenger or the driver for using the Pay with Hailo service. Hailo’s commission rates will kick in following this period.

Ireland and the city of Boston are the first two places to receive the service. Other cities can expect to receive Pay with Hailo in the coming weeks.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic