Homer Simpson to appear live on TV with motion capture

17 Feb 2016

A joke once made on The Simpsons is now becoming a reality as news comes in that Homer Simpson is to appear on an upcoming episode of the show live, with the help of motion-capture technology.

For those of you who don’t know The Simpsons wso well, Homer Simpson, in one of his many one-episode career moves, became the voice of Poochie in the ‘Itchy and Scratchy Show’, though not for very long as Poochie had to go back to his planet where he was needed, allegedly.

And in that episode, one of the jokes was that Homer asked whether the animation was done live on TV and, in response, the voice actor of both Itchy and Scratchy replied that “It’s a terrible strain on the animator’s wrist”.

Well, now it’s all becoming reality as Fox has revealed that Homer is to indeed appear live for a round-up of the day’s events, apparently.

Frinkiac Poochie

Simpsons screenshot via Frinkiac

“During the episode, Marge, Lisa and Bart will turn the show over to Homer, who will take a break from stuffing his face to comment on the events of the day live during both the east coast and west coast broadcasts,” Fox revealed.

Fans looking to ask Homer questions can do so by tweeting the hashtag #HomerLive from 1 May up until 4 May on the topics of the day, with the live segment to take place on 15 May.

Currently in the 27th season of the show, the producers of The Simpsons continue to look for new ways to stay relevant in an age when many of the show’s original audience are now closer to middle age than the kids they would have been when first watching the show.

Speaking to The Wrap, producer on the show, Al Jean, said: “It looks great. I’m really confident that people will like it.”

Homer and Marge Simpson mural image via Ron Ellis/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic