How much will you pay for music in 2013? (infographic)

7 Jun 2012

Consumers can expect to pay absolutely nothing for music next year, an infographic shows.

Even though consumers can pretty much access tunes for free now via various services, the infographic published by Freemake on shows how the price of music consumption has dropped over the years.

While the infographic acknowledges there will always be consumers ready to crack open their wallets for limited-edition records, for example, the illustrated information reveals the decrease in the cost of buying music since the vinyl-album days of the 1970s.

Why the decrease in cost? It’s all down to digital.

Over the past eight years, the infographic states, the number of free music services has increased 700pc.

Online services such as YouTube and have enabled consumers to enjoy music without having to pay a cent. The infographic takes Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep as an example. On YouTube, the video for the song has received some 299,000,000 views, whereas shoppers downloaded – and paid for – the song 2,000,000 times on iTunes.

The infographic also gives a nod to artists who have provided fans with free music, such as Madonna (MDNA), Coldplay (Leftrightleftrightleft), and Radiohead (In Rainbows).

digital music cost

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic