How to spot an Instagram junkie (infographic)

15 May 2012

Bruises and turned up noses – a new infographic pokes fun at Instagram users who can’t stay away from the photo-sharing app.

There’s something about Instagram that grabs a user from the very first moment they add a filter effect to a photo he or she has just snapped – it’s that ability to transform a simple snapshot into something cool, moody or beautiful in an instant without having to splash out on an SLR camera, lenses and filters. And it can leave the user wanting more of the experience.

Social network Facebook wanted it so much it snapped up Instagram last month for US$1bn. The app itself has 50m users, with 5m new users joining each week, Mashable reported.

This represents fast growth for the app, which hit 40m users on 13 April and 30m at the beginning of April. The app had 15m users at the beginning of 2012.

The infographic published by Flowtown on takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Instagram ‘junkies’ – revealing the signs of an Instagram devotee, such as grass stains on jeans from attempts to get an interesting angle of a park bench.

There’s also information on the subjects most likely to trigger Instagram junkies into app action: plates of unique food, scenic locations, cute animals, and vintage stores with vintage ‘thingamajigs’.