Indie band Interpol live-tweets snowstorm while trapped on tour bus for days

20 Nov 2014

Interpol's marooned tour bus. Photo via @brandon_curtis

Rock band Interpol has just been freed after a nearly three-day stretch on its tour bus after becoming trapped in a snowstorm just outside Buffalo, New York.

The group members departed Columbus, Ohio, on Monday night to make their way to a scheduled concert in Toronto on Tuesday (18 November). However, they became trapped in the extreme storm that, according to The New York Times, has claimed at least seven lives and caused havoc to all locals.

Stranded, the trio was forced to cancel the gig. 

“Our bus is trapped in a snowstorm just outside of Buffalo,” Interpol posted on its official website. “We haven’t moved our position on the road in over nine hours. Unfortunately, we’ll have to cancel tonight’s concert at the Kool Haus. We were greatly looking forward to the show but the big bad winter has come early this year. We will be informing people of a new date as soon as we can.”

Little did the band – made up of Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino – realise they’d be stuck in the same spot for another two days. Fans have been monitoring their situation as they live-tweeted updates from inside the marooned vehicle.

Touring member Brandon Curtis posted another image of the bus from outside as it sat helplessly in the snow.

Most of the updates came from guitarist Kessler and the 40-year-old was soon tweeting images from inside the bus as the band feasted on a supply on dry food and vodka.

With cabin fever likely setting in, the band’s conversations become increasingly alternative as they sought fans’ input on a debate into the UK’s affinity for peanut butter.

Interpol soon had to concede defeat in reaching its Montreal show, which was scheduled for tonight (20 November). In an update posted yesterday – titled ‘Still Stuck in the Snow: No Show Tomorrow night in Montreal’ – the band admitted they “still don’t know when we’ll be able to move from our current position”.

Finally, the bus started moving earlier today. 

The band appear to have made it to Buffalo in one piece. Cold, tired and cranky probably, but in one piece.

Formed in New York in 1997, Interpol has put out five albums to date, the most recent of which, El Pintor, was released earlier this year.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic