Is Apple Music well placed to poach users from the likes of Spotify? (infographic)

11 Jun 2015

Is Apple Music well placed to poach users from the likes of Spotify?

The launch of Apple Music this week signalled Apple’s entrance into the music-streaming world.

The development is sure to have a seismic impact on the industry, with established players in the music-streaming business like Spotify – which announced this week that it has 20m paid subscribers — no doubt quaking in their boots.

As the below infographics from Global Web Index show, there is significant crossover between those using iTunes and those using streaming services – more than a fifth of internet users who used iTunes last month also paid for a music-streaming service, and it’s likely they are the consumers that Apple will be targeting for its music service first.

Meanwhile, half of those who use Spotify – which has announced it has raised more than US$500m in funding, a lot of which will no doubt be used to take on Apple Music — also use iTunes at least once a month, meaning they are already familiar with the platform and so ripe for poaching.

What will all this mean for streaming and the future of the music industry? Only time will tell.

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Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.