John McAfee launches Chadder, encrypted messaging app

6 May 2014

The founder of McAfee antivirus software John McAfee has launched a new encrypted private-messaging app known as Chadder.

A partnership between McAfee’s latest company Future Tense Private Systems (FTPS) and Etransfr, the app reportedly keeps a user’s information safe by using key server encryption that when a person sends a message, Chadder will only be able to see the encrypted message.

By generating a code, the user can then send that code to the person they wish to message, which will be encrypted from third-party viewing.

Early reports about the app’s usability indicate some errors in finding other users but the app is expected to increase in efficiency in the coming days and weeks.

In its official statement on the app’s release, Lexi Sprague, founder of Etransfr, emphasised the importance of not allowing third parties to view people’s messages.

“The social media industry is built around the consumer also being the product. Chadder is here to prove that young people want privacy just as much as adults do. The application is simple and straight forward with a lot of power given to the user.”

“At the end of the day, it is about giving privacy and control back to the user without scaring them off with complicated log-in and messaging processes. The team behind the program Chadder believes there needs to be a balance between usability and privacy!”

The app is now available on Android and Windows Phone operating systems, with an iOS model expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

McAfee sold his stake in the McAfee company in 1994.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic