Kanye West is working on a video game

23 Feb 2015

Rapper and producer Kanye West. Photo via Shutterstock

Kanye West made headlines after appearing on US radio show The Breakfast Club last week, where he chatted about his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, his Adidas fashion line and storming the stage at the Grammy Awards.

Most interestingly for gamers, however, was the revelation that Ye is working on a new video game that will be based on his recently released track Only One.

The song, which features input from Paul McCartney, is a tribute to Kanye’s daughter, North, and is sung from the perspective of his mother Donda West, who died in 2008 and never had the opportunity to meet her granddaughter.

“Right now I’m working on a video game for Only One and the idea is that it’s my mother going through the gates of heaven and you have to bring her to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light,” said West. “We’ve been working on it for like, six months.”

Details on what platform the game will appear on and when it will be released have not been revealed.

Below is the music video for Only One and the full hour-long Breakfast Club interview. Or if you simply must play a Yeezy-themed game right away, we recommend Kanye Zone.

Kanye West image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic