Kim Dotcom launches Baboom music site

20 Jan 2014

Grafitti depicting Kim Dotcom's album art. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Kim Dotcom, the man behind Megaupload, has launched his music-streaming site Baboom, as well as his own album, Good Times.

Kim Schmitz, who changed his name to Kim Dotcom in 2005, has launched his latest project, Baboom, which he describes as a mix of iTunes and Spotify and features his new album, Good Times as the first musical example.

The man behind the new website has established himself as one of the internet’s biggest personas and lived a lavish party lifestyle based on the success of Megaupload, a website that was shut down in 2012 for hosting copyrighted material that users could download for free.

Download or stream music

The slickly designed website, currently in preview mode, features Dotcom’s new album along with his Twitter feed, but will develop to allow users to download music for free, with artists’ permission or purchase through the website.

Other features of the site include artist bios, competitions, trending activity and a Jukebox, which is expected to allow users to play similar songs, much like Spotify.

Baboom website

The 40-year-old is known not to take himself too seriously and in a tweet earlier today, along with tweets highlighting the announcement, quoted himself as saying: “I’ve got to give it to Kim Dotcom, he’s the most talented person out there.”

The site is expected to be released in full towards the end of this year but his album featuring his own techno is available to download for free from Baboom.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic