Launch of Driveclub game marred by overwhelmed servers

8 Oct 2014

The launch of the PlayStation 4’s latest driving game, Driveclub, has seen the servers to host players for the game on release day fail to cope with excessive connections.

The game which encourages players to join and compete against each other online in races has seemingly put too much of a strain on the company who have produced the game, Evolution Studios.

According to initial reports, gamers trying to connect online have found that in many cases they haven’t been able to connect at all, while PS Plus members who had been promised a free cut-down version of the game on release day have not even been able to download it.

Evolution Studios had to go to Facebook to issue a statement on the issues about the rather embarrassing opening day, describing people’s interest in the game ‘pushing the servers to their absolute limits’.

One of the leads on the game who goes by the name ‘Rushy’ continued with the apology to Driveclub gamers saying that they are to hold back on releasing the PS Plus version and the accompanying app to ease their servers but has yet to say when this will be re-instated.

Those familiar with the game will remember that this is not the first time the game has had major issues prior to its release given that it was initially due for release on launch day of the console, just under one year ago, but was pulled following a ‘huge technical issue’.

The Driveclub issue raises further questions surrounding publishers and game developers for putting an increasing emphasis on online-orientated games and not preparing for server loads with the launch of GTA V following a similar player connection problems following its own launch of GTA Online.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic