Level one of Super Mario 64 is now playable in your browser

30 Mar 2015

The Mario 64 recreation. Photo via roystanross.wordpress.com

Remember Super Mario 64? The 1996 platformer that pulled the most famous plumber on the planet out of the 2D generation and placed him firmly in a three-dimensional arena?

If so, then prepare to re-enter Mario’s world. The first level of Super Mario 64 is now playable in your browser thanks to developer Roystan Ross’s HD recreation.

Originally released on the Nintendo 64, Ross has rebuilt the game’s first level of the game from scratch as a demo for his Super Character Controller project on cross-platform game creation system Unity. “Most of the art assets that were not constructed by me are from Mario Galaxy, but I did all the animations for them,” Ross explained.

“Sound assets likewise were primarily ripped from different Mario games, or acquired from freesound.org, a very useful (and free, in case you didn’t pick up on that from the name) online sound library.”

Playing with your keyboard isn’t ideal, but this is still a lot of throwback fun.

Click below to view a demo or head over to Ross’s blog to play the game (you’ll need to install the web player first).

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic