Like awkward dare games? We Dare to arrive on PS3, Wii

26 Feb 2011

Ubisoft will release We Dare on PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, bringing, ahem, “saucy” dare games to games consoles.

Up to four players can take part and can customise cheeky avatars, including ‘Femme Fatale’ or ‘Jock’ and can set the mood of the game from ‘Enchanting,’ ‘Persuasive,’, ‘Naughty,’ ‘Adventurous’ and ‘Brainy.’

We Dare offers 40 mini games which includes “kissing” the controller and spanking.

But don’t worry if you think the mini games alone won’t be enough to set the mood. The game’s music includes classics such as ‘Sex Bomb’ and ‘(I’ve Had The) Time of My Life’.

Personally, I think this game would be the perfect recipe for making any party as awkward as possible. But maybe I’m just biased against the rather sleazy marketing video for it.

And in case the video wasn’t hilariously uncomfortable enough, you can apparently choose your own ending to the ad which apparently requires a ‘parental code.’ Hmm.

The game is only available in Europe and will be out on 11 March.