160 Logitech gaming keyboards, plus time, equals pixel madness

25 Apr 2016

Logitech is a familiar name to gamers, providing a whole range of gaming accessories, but now the company has seemingly devoted a lot of time to turning its LED gaming keyboards into a pixel-fuelled marvel.

Logitech was recently at the rather large gaming festival that is PAX East flogging its wares, and one of its most popular items at the event was the G810 keyboard, which allows the owner to tinker around with LED lights.

The idea being that is, as a gamer, you can create a number of key bindings denoted by colours to make it easier for you to make whatever move you want to make.

Now it seems that it also has an entirely different purpose, that being that 160 of them can be locked together to form ‘The Great Wall of Logitech G’, as the company calls it.

Teaming up with a production company called iam8bit, Logitech created a rather cool side-scrolling series of game characters that would appear on screen, harking back to Asteroid, Space Invaders and who knows what else, frankly.

There’s really not much else to say about this neat little bit of creativity from Logitech and iam8bit, so just check out its retro charm!

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic