London 2012 basketball: Shoot some hoops with today’s Google Doodle

8 Aug 2012

Today’s Google Doodle for the London 2012 Olympic Games is another interactive and addictive one, following up yesterday’s hurdles challenge. Basketball is the sport of choice today, and players need to score as many two-point throws as they can in 24 seconds.

As the timer counts down, players need to quickly throw the ball using the space bar or the left mouse button before it turns red and trembles. Leave it too long to take the shot and the player drops the ball and frowns, Charlie Brown-style.

Holding the controls for longer gives your shot more power and, as the game progresses, the player moves further from the basket and difficulty increases.

If players are proud of their high score, they can gloat on Google+ and challenge friends to beat them.

Like yesterday’s hurdles game, today’s Doodle – a stylised Google logo – comes with a permalink, so you can play it even after it’s gone from the Google homepage.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic