Megaupload CEO Kim Dotcom bail appeal refused in New Zealand

3 Feb 2012

Megaupload CEO Kim Dotcom who founded the company in 2005

The chief executive of Megaupload Kim Dotcom’s appeal for bail has been refused by a court in New Zealand because it is feared he may attempt to flee the country.

Kim Dotcom, who is also known as Kim Schmitz and Kim Tim, has been returned to custody until 22 February pending a hearing for an extradition application by the US.

The judge in the High Court in Auckland decided to remand Dotcom in custody because he has multiple passports and bank accounts and there is little motivation for him to remain in New Zealand.

If Dotcom made it to his native Germany he would be safe from extradition attempts by the US.

Dotcom’s company Megaupload is alleged to have netted US$175m through the distribution of copyright-infringing movies and music.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years