Microsoft confirms real-time console-to-phone gaming

26 Aug 2010

You can expect to see real-time Xbox-to-phone gaming on the Windows Phone 7 handset in the near future where games played on your phone over Wi-Fi will be registered in real-time against Xbox gamers as opposed to turn-by-turn gaming.

This exciting piece of Windows Phone 7 news was scooped by when they interviewed Microsoft rep, Greg Milligan, mobility solutions manager at Microsoft Canada who indicated that it would not be a feature available at launch but will be added at a later date.

Milligan also said that there will be mini-games for Windows Phone 7 that will have an effect on full Xbox titles by unlocking functionality on the console version of the game. This will probably include the Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst title available at launch for Windows Phone 7.

Other bits of Windows Phone 7 news to come out of the interview included the fact that there are currently no plans for Twitter integration in the Xbox Live experience, nor will Zune marketplace be available yet outside of the US.