Microsoft consolidates PC games marketplace into

4 Jul 2011

Microsoft is merging its Games for Windows Marketplace with to create a single destination for all video game content, the company said, less than a year after launching the PC games website.

The company said the merger of the sites will take place on 11 July and the aim is to create a single location for all gaming content.

While Microsoft is steadfastly pursuing its three screens’ vision of a gaming experience that transcends PCs, TVs and mobile devices, the move will prove puzzling to ardent PC gamers. It comes just a year after the Marketplace was launched and one can only surmise that sales weren’t particularly strong.

PC gamers consider themselves the elite of the gaming world and lovingly pimp up their PCs with new graphics cards, memory and other tools to enjoy more intense game play.

“On July 11, will merge with to create a single destination for LIVE gaming experiences across Windows and Xbox 360,” according to a statement.

“The decision was made to create a single destination for LIVE gaming experiences across Windows and Xbox 360, and with the recent release of Fable III for PC, and the upcoming launch of Age of Empires Online, we are dedicated to delivering a great Windows PC gaming experience.

“Members of our passionate communities across Xbox 360 and Games for Windows can now purchase and get details on their favourite games, all in one place. All user account information will remain the same and community members can still take advantage of their Xbox LIVE profile in their Windows games and stay connected to friends who are playing on the PC,” the company said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years