Microsoft cuts price of Xbox One in UK, to keep up with PlayStation 4?

24 Feb 2014

Microsoft is dropping the price of its Xbox One console as part of a bundle to tie in with the arrival of the game Titanfall. The move may also be construed as a move to win ground against the lower-priced Sony PlayStation 4.

In the UK, the console will go on sale on 14 March with the new Titanfall game at stg£399, down from stg£429.

The UK, however, is the only market in which the price cut will take effect. The price in Ireland for the Titanfall bundle remains static at €499.99.

The price cut in the UK may bring the console in line with Sony’s PlayStation 4, which has been outselling the Xbox One.

Microsoft describes the forthcoming Titanfall game as the “next generation of gaming” and a “killer app” for Xbox One.

Critics have described the game as “a brave new vision of the future of multiplayer games”, “the first real next-gen shooter” and “the most addictive game ever.”

As well as for the Xbox One, a version of Titanfall will also debut on 14 March for the Xbox 360.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years