Mojang releases free Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft

12 Feb 2013

Mojang, the developer behind immensely popular indie game Minecraft, has just released the Raspberry Pi edition, which supports multiple programming languages and allows users to manipulate the code at a base level.

Minecraft: Pi Edition is available now as a free download and is based on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the Android and iOS app version (and the most popular edition of the game).

A Raspberry Pi version was announced in November and a beta release came in December, but it was thought that fans would like to get their hands on the game sooner rather than later and so the full release has come quickly, with more features to be added in due course.

Minecraft was downloaded more than 15m times across all platforms last year and is often held up as a pinnacle of achievement for indie developers. The full version of the open world game that allows players to build structures with a variety of different blocks is available on PC and Mac, for a fee.

Minecraft: Pi Edition

Raspberry Pi computers are credit card-sized single board computers sold at a low price to encourage more young kids to get involved with coding. Recently, the US$25 Model A became available in Europe.

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