MUBI brings landmark films to PS3s

3 Nov 2010

Sony has launched MUBI in Ireland, a new film streaming service for the PlayStation 3 offering access to independent, international and classic movies.

The application can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation Network. Users can avail of monthly free-to-view films or pick from a wider catalogue, costing from €0.99 for short films and €3.59 for feature-length movies.

Viewers can also purchase a €12.99 monthly subscription to choose as many films as they wish.

The library has hundreds of films which, according to a statement “must all be amazing cinema.” Films available on the store include Requiem for a Dream, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dogville.

MUBI also includes an online forum where PlayStation Network members can exchange and share recommendations with friends. This also includes Facebook integration.

“Bringing MUBI to PlayStation opens up the world of independent, foreign and classic film,” said MUBI founder Efe Cakarel.

“Our films are from the most visionary directors and creative masterminds on the planet and every film we show has been hailed a classic by the film community.

“It is about making great films fun and accessible, tearing away the mystique and letting members go on the most unexpected of journeys.  

“It offers films you never even dreamed about, films with an edge, films that you have always wanted to see but haven’t been able to find. Our mission is to put the excitement and adventure into home viewing,” said Cakeral.