My List feature for Netflix lets users create their own watch list

21 Aug 2013

With so many must-see TV shows and films to see before you die out there, Netflix is a fantastic resource where users can find a multitude of ready-to-watch titles. Yet I’ve often wondered why the online streaming network doesn’t provide a way for users to save the shows and films they may want to watch at a later date. Today, my prayers have been answered.

I’ve used Netflix since it first launched in Ireland and, while I can rely on its recommendations system to find titles I might like, I receive tips on what to watch from friends and other sources too, but there’s no way for me to track these on Netflix.

Starting today, though, I can started adding whatever titles I want to ‘My List’. This new row of content in the Netflix browse menu will be completely curated by me and provides a handy way for me to remember to check out that TV show my friends raved about or that film the critics recommended.

Future Human

My List will now start appearing on Netflix across all devices, with worldwide roll out expected to be complete within two weeks.

How My List works

Adding titles to the list is as simple as clicking ‘+ My List’ when viewing a title’s detailed information.

Netflix My List feature

Once several titles have been added to My List, Netflix will use its recommendations technology to put the content users are most likely to watch at the forefront.

What’s more, Netflix will notify you if a new season of a show from My List becomes available or – more importantly – let you know if a title’s streaming rights are about to expire so you have the chance to watch it before it’s removed from the platform.


Combined with the recently rolled out profiles feature, My List serves to make Netflix an even more user-friendly place. Netflix profiles allow multiple users on the same subscription plan to create their own viewing histories and recommendations, and, of course, each profile will have its own personal My List.

New deal with The Weinstein Company

In addition to rolling out new features, Netflix is also scoring new deals with major studios. CNET reports that a new partnership with The Weinstein Company (the company behind such Oscar-winners as The King’s Speech and The Artist) will see Netflix get exclusive first-run rights in the US for films from this studio starting in 2016.

The same year, a similar deal will bring titles from Disney – which covers films from Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Animation and Disneynature, let’s not forget – to Netflix first, before any other pay-TV client in the US.

Speaking about the deal, Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of the studio along with his brother Bob, said Netflix is “the most significant new force in the entertainment industry”.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic