MySpace launches Romeo music app for iPad

16 Aug 2010

MySpace has launched a new free music app for iPad devices called Romeo that pushes randomised music to music lovers.

Available for download, MySpace Music Romeo is free and can be enjoyed on the web or downloaded as an app on the iPad.

“It brings MySpace users and die-hard music fans a unique way to uncover, interact and share a wide range of licensed music videos from major and independent label partners,” said the president of MySpace Music Courtney Holt.

“Unlike other services, the application creates a highly personalised experience with recommendations that match how you’re feeling and the ability to easily share your favourite videos through your social networks.

“We know that sometimes people are in the mood for naughty rock and other times sad country; MySpace Music Romeo gives people a place to keep up with the latest music trends in real-time, purchase videos and realise old video favorites,” Holt said.

The move is a number of welcome initiatives from MySpace which has been steadily losing ground to social networking rival Facebook in recent years and indicates a fight-back of sorts.

If the evidence of a recent perusal in a high street computer store is anything to go by, ranks and ranks of notebook and desktop PCs stood forlorn. The only youngsters in the entire store were crowded around the three iPads on display.

As tablet devices become more affordable they could become the youth market’s prime way of working and playing. And of course, consuming.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years