Netflix and Hulu introduced to Marriott hotels

20 Jan 2015

Global hotel chain Marriot Hotels is adding a large slice of in-house entertainment to its offering, with Netflix, Hulu and Pandora being trialled in rooms.

Given the amazing growth in paid-for streaming TV around the world, it seems a logical step for hoteliers to look at capitalising on the trend.

And Marriott is looking to introduce Netflix, Hulu and Pandora across eight of its sites as an initial test.

“We have invited leading technology companies and content providers to work with us to design the next wave in in-room entertainment focusing on on-demand programming,” said Marriott spokesperson John Wolf.

“We are currently offering guests in eight test hotels the opportunity to stream their content through our high-definition TVs, whether it is Netflix, Hulu or Pandora.”

It’s unclear exactly how both hoteliers and stream providers will agree on what way to monetise a partnership like this – whether guests log in through their own account, buy a temporary account while staying at the hotel, or whether it’s merely a free add-on for customers as a way of attracting new demographics of guests.

Indeed the latter of the three options may well appeal to the TV providers, as it will give non-subscribers short-term access, perhaps generating future sales. Either way it’s an interesting project for a hotel chain that has made headlines for other reasons lately.

After much tribulation and annoyance from paying guests, only last week Marriott conceded defeat in its battle to block its guests’ use of personal hotspots.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic