Netflix is revamping its architecture for better data collection

28 Jan 2015

Netflix has announced that the computing architecture that processes data for its streaming video service is to receive a full revamp.

As pointed out by the on-demand media platform’s engineering team in a blog post, the current system – which stems from an earlier monolithic database-backed application – was developed seven years ago and allows Netflix to monitor the titles a user has watched, where in that title a user stop watching, and what else is being watched on that account.

The company now intend to build a new system that logs all user interaction and video watching.

“Re-architecting a critical system to scale to the next order of magnitude is a hard problem, requiring many months of development, testing, proving out at scale, and migrating off of the previous architecture,” wrote the team.

“Guided by these architectural principles, we’re confident that the next generation that we are building will give Netflix a strong foundation to meet the needs of our massive and growing scale, enabling us to delight our global audience.

“We are in the early stages of this effort, so if you are interested in helping, we are actively hiring for this work.”

Netflix image via Shutterstock