New Apple TV is a social, entertainment hub

1 Sep 2010

Apple has introduced a new Apple TV device that is black, sits in the palm of your hand and is about a quarter the size of the old Apple TV.

The device comes with HDMI, Ethernet and Wi-Fi and brings Netflix and YouTube directly to the living room.

At a major event in California, the master showman that is Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the device will have one HDMI connector and its own built-in power supply. No doubt this will please minimalist, aesthetically minded people everywhere. Plus the device has its own remote.

“People don’t want a computer on their TV,” Jobs said. “Widescreen TVs are for entertainment and not another computer. It’s a hard one for people in the computer industry to understand.”

Jobs acknowledged that the Apple TV, which debuted four years ago, has never been a huge hit. At the same time, it has never had a rival product to compete against.

Users can rent first-run movies from Netflix for US$499, as well as watch anything they want on YouTube, browse Flickr and see photos via MobileMe.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years