NewBay reveals new on-demand video tool for smartphones

1 Feb 2011

Irish mobile software player NewBay has revealed a new on-demand video component for its LifeCache Platform for mobile operators and mobile device manufacturers.

The new NewBay product, Adaptation and Delivery Manager (ADM), can optimise the delivery of millions of videos, for millions of users, to any connected device.

In addition, this form of just-in-time delivery lowers video storage costs by as much as 60pc, reduces network impact and improves the end-user experience for accessing videos across multiple devices.

“Consumers want continuous access to digital content streams, everywhere and from any device. Video snacking on the mobile phone, on the tablet, and on the big screen – they want it all and they do not want to pay too much for it,” said Laura Allen Phillips, research analyst with Parks Associates.

“To meet this demand, operators must find scalable, efficient, robust and cost-effective solutions like the LifeCache Platform developed by NewBay that enables users to store video in the cloud and instantly access it across the consumer’s entertainment ecosystem.”

Until now, enabling instant access to video content required pre-emptively transcoding all video into multiple formats to suit various device capabilities and network bandwidth.

Each megabyte of uploaded content could require five to six megabytes of storage space. This approach is prohibitively expensive when scaled for operator or device maker cloud-based video services that generate petabytes of storage.

Live streaming to iPhone and iPad devices

The ADM can be deployed as a standalone solution or as a supporting component in an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), rich communication suite (RCS) and other content delivery services and can enable live streaming to iPhone and iPad devices.

Consumer demand for access to content anytime, anywhere, and from any device, requires video providers to adopt an intelligent model for content ingestion and delivery that provides a great user experience without incurring unnecessary storage costs,” said Andrew Fuller, senior product manager at NewBay.

“Our LifeCache Adaptation and Delivery Manager enables operators and device makers to deliver multi-screen, digital content experiences to their entire user base with the ability to seamlessly scale to support millions of videos for millions of users.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years