Nintendo to release Wii Remote Plus, FlingSmash coming to the Wii

15 Oct 2010

Nintendo is planning on launching the Wii Remote Plus, an updated Wii Remote with built-in Wii MotionPlus. FlingSmash will be released on the Wii, which also comes bundled with the new controller.

Wii Remote Plus

The update will give players more accuracy in the motion controller without requiring add ons.

The Wii Remote Plus has the same physical dimensions as the standard Wii Remote and all compatible peripherals can still fit into the base of it, including the Nunchuk or Classic Controller.

The controller works exactly the same as the Wii Remote when connected with the Wii Motion Plus. The enhanced accuracy allows every motion to be reflected in real time onscreen.

It’ll be available in white, pink, black and blue in Europe from 5 November.


FlingSmash is a new game from Artoon. Players take on the role of Zip, who is summoned to save the tropical Suthon Island when it is invaded by the evil Omminus.

It’s is an action sidescroller where players fling Zip at particular angles to smash objects, such as enemies or bricks, or travel down corridors.

FlingSmash will come bundled with the Wii Remote Plus, allowing the player’s moves to be mirrored onscreen, allowing for greater accuracy as they fling Zip at targets to progress through eight worlds.

As the player progresses, Zip transforms into different ball types, each offering a unique challenge. Zip may be shrunk down, fattened up or turned into a heavy steel ball, which requires a larger fling to get him moving.

Other levels see the action turned on its head, making the player scroll vertically instead of horizontally.

The game offers co-op mode, where two players can progress through the game. There are also eight unlockable mini games and eight extra levels to unlock – all available for up to two players.

FlingSmash will be available on the Nintendo Wii on 19 November.