October launch for Chrome Web Store

17 Aug 2010

Google Chrome Web Store is set to launch in Europe this autumn, along with the release of Google Chrome OS.

The store will stock numerous apps which, once downloaded, will become shortcuts on the user’s Chrome Browser.

Google’s game developer advocate Mark DeLoura, formerly of Ubisoft, said that the store would also have games available for users to purchase.

“When Chrome updates this fall, everyone who has Chrome will suddenly have access to the store – it’ll be in a prominent position,” said DeLoura.

The store will only accept payments in US dollars at the launch, however, other currencies will follow early next year.

Chrome Store will not have an approval process for creating apps for it, although developers will need to take charge in protecting their own source code.

It will support free trials, subscription models and free games. It will also support one click purchases through Google checkout.

DeLoura also hinted that this would not be Google’s only attempt to break into the gaming market.

“Google Chrome web store is our big push rwhen it comes to gaming, but there are a lot of things going on inside of Google right now, especially related to games, and when things get to the point where we can talk about them, I’ll be the one jumping up and down,” said DeLoura.

At the moment, Chrome is being used by 70 million people, which is 9pc of the marketshare.