Check out 8 weird, old news footage clips just posted to YouTube

23 Jul 2015

A collaborative project between the Associated Press (AP) and Movietone has seen more than half a million videos of old news footage now posted to YouTube, so here are seven of the weirdest tech videos we came across.

From today, there is now a wealth of old news footage posted to YouTube as part of a joint historical project by the two media outfits with intentions of being a view-on-demand visual encyclopaedia, according to AP’s press release.

In total, the organisations have posted more than half a million videos that go as far back in time as 1895 and include both used news footage and stock footage across some of the biggest events of the 20th century.

In total, this footage accounts for more than 1m minutes of content and, through the search function on YouTube, will allow anyone to look up a particular historic event, which is seen as having advantages for educators.

Stephen Nuttall, the director of YouTube in EMEA, said of its inclusion: “Making this content available on YouTube is a wonderful initiative from AP and British Movietone that will breathe new life into their footage and no doubt delight our global community — from students researching history projects to curious culture vultures and the billions in between.

“It’s a historical treasure trove that will give YouTube users around the world a moving window into the past and I can’t wait to explore it.”

In the meantime, here are eight of the weirdest scientific and technological finds that have come across so far.

Mouse bites cat

2005 wearables expo, before we realised what wearables could do

South Korean researchers announce dog clones in 2005

Hi-Tech Show in the late 1990s

Taiwanese scientist breeds a glow-in-the-dark pig

Skype as envisioned in the 1960s

Ham the chimp’s journey into space (and return)

Plane of the future

Old news cameras capturing footage image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic