Opinion: Frinkiac Simpsons search engine is better than Google.com

8 Feb 2016

“If there's a better use for the internet, I haven't found it.”

Yes, that headline might be a bit of a bold statement from this journalist, but there’s now a search engine online called Frinkiac.com that can help you put a quote from The Simpsons to one of 3m images.

I can’t stress for how long I’ve been waiting for a Simpsons search engine, where I can put a Simpsons quote to an image and then post it as a response to something.

Given that I’ve been a fan of the show for as long as I remember – me and many others, to be fair – my brain has now re-wired itself to only think in Simpsons quotes, which usually results in odd looks from people, or that subtle smile and nod when they get the reference.

Launched only in the last few days, Frinkiac.com is a collection of over 3m screencaps from the first season all the way up to season 15, which – some would argue – covers all the best episodes before the show’s humour fell off a cliff.

Created by three friends in their spare time out of their love of the show, the trio has explained the technical details of how their site works (if that’s what you’re interested in), but the basic idea is that each episode is cut into chunks with the entire script synced to what line would be over each screen shot.

Made by fans for fans

With a simple click of a button, you can then make a meme using the quote that’s there or, if you want, you can make up your own quote and put it over one of the screenshots.

In a bit of quoting mastery, one of the creators of the site, Paul Kehrer, says of Frinkiac: “Never again find yourself wishing you could pinpoint the second his heart rips in half. You’ll feel like god must feel when he’s holding a gun.

The Simpsons is one of the greatest television comedies of all time and we hope that having ready access to the perfect screenshot will make people laugh, and remind them to re-watch their favourite episodes. Now, let’s all get drunk and play ping-pong!”

So, let’s play a game, shall we? Do you remember the quote from the screenshot? The only prize on offer is the knowledge that you should probably enter the next Simpsons quiz that hits town.


Frinkiac Homer


Simpsons Marge


Simpsons newspaper


Simpsons Skinner Otto


Simpsons sofa

All images via Frinkiac.com

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic