Panasonic gears up for HD and 3D Olympics

31 May 2012

Just how much equipment does it take to broadcast the Olympic Games in HD and, for the first time ever, in 3D?

Panasonic announced today that the supply of audio-visual equipment for the London 2012 Olympic Games will be the largest ever in the company’s history.

The Olympic Games, which will be held in July and August, promises coverage in both HD and 3D and the event’s audio-visual sponsor will provide a full line-up of high-definition equipment for use in venues and for broadcasting across the globe.

Video signals from the International Broadcasting Centre will be distributed to broadcasters worldwide in HD format. Also, this will be the first time the Olympic Games will be broadcast in 3D using cutting-edge equipment and technology, including Panasonic’s latest integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders.

Equipment checklist

So, exactly how much audio-visual equipment does it take to showcase the Olympic Games? Panasonic’s itemised list breaks it down as follows:

  • 45 large LED screens for 28 venues
  • 200 professional sound systems for 36 venues
  • 12,000 TV sets
  • 47 103-inch plasma displays for indoor event sites
  • 22 DLP projectors and screens
  • 2,500 AV security camera units
  • 300 P2HD/DVCPRO HD recorders
  • 100 P2HD camera recorders
  • 1,000 TV monitors
  • 30 3D cameras

This extensive list doesn’t account for HD visual communication systems and a myriad other pieces of equipment and technology that will be needed for the event. And, for the opening ceremony at the Olympic Park, two of the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000 lumens projectors (the PT-DZ21K and the PT-DS20K) will be installed to provide bright and clear images for everyone in the venue to appreciate.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.