Panasonic unveils Android tablets and console-free gaming

9 Jan 2011

LAS VEGAS – Japanese electronics giant Panasonic is to bring to market three new Android tablet computers – a 4-inch, a 7-inch and a 10-inch – that allow users to search for content and with a flick of a finger send that content to their living room TV.

At the CES today Panasonic said that TV is becoming closely aligned with the internet cloud and it plans to provide the accessories that integrate the cloud into people’s digital lifestyle via their television.

These include accessories for health and fitness including a fitness arm band that counts fintness level and calories, a body scale, a threadmill and a sleep scanning device to monitor sleep patterns and blood pressure.

Panasonic’s Rich Burchell revealed that the company is launching a new Viera Connect platform that also allows users to download and play hi-definition games minus a controller. “We’ll be using cloud computing and no controller is needed. We’ve also developed a wireless game pad that along with the health and fitness accessories can be bought directly from the Viera Connect Market via your TV.”

Burchell said the company is already working with third party developers to create new games.

Viera tablet computers

Burchell demonstrated how the new Viera tablet computers can allow users anywhere in the home to search for or manage videos on their tablet screen and with a swish of the finger send that content right onto the big HD TV screen.

The tablet computers will come in three formats and will run on the Android operating system.

“You can zoom in and out of videos on the tablet with your finger and when you’ve found the video you want just drag it with your finger from the tablet device right onto the TV,” he said.

Panasonic Viera

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