PlayStation Vita partners with Vodafone for 3G connectivity

21 Nov 2011

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has made Vodafone its ‘preferred provider’ of 3G connectivity for its upcoming portable console, the PlayStation Vita.

According to SCEE, the 3G and Wi-Fi model of the PS Vita will be sold with a Vodafone SIM card in a number of countries across the globe, though the device won’t be locked to the Vodafone network.

These countries include Ireland, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, France and the Netherlands.

Customers who use the Vodafone network for their 3G PlayStation Vita will also get racing game WipEout 2048 for free from the PlayStation Network.

Along with online gaming, the portable console will let users browse the web and access apps for Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Foursquare.

The PlayStation Vita will arrive in Europe on 22 February 2012.