Dublin taxi app now offering Pokémon Go tours of the city

16 Aug 2016

The Dublin taxi app Lynk is the latest company to get in on the Pokémon Go craze by offering players the chance to ride around in one of its taxis for a set fare to help them catch ’em all.

While some Pokémon Go players are now finding themselves on the end of a permanent ban, many players are continuing to travel around their localities in the hope of finding all the available Pokémon.

While some Pokémon characters are more common than others, a number of Pokémon remain elusive and rare, to the point that one person travelled around New Jersey in the US in an Uber car to try and catch them.

Now, following a ‘huge demand’, the Dublin taxi app Lynk is to begin offering players in Dublin the chance to travel around in their taxis playing the game, which encourages its players to go out walking to find these Pokémon.

Citing a recent example, Lynk said that one player spent more than €200 travelling in one of its taxis trying to find a rare Pokémon.

Pokémon Go map Dublin

Pokémon Go players can only go on this tour within a set boundary. Image via Lynk

You can’t hatch ’em all

Spending these sums of money is not uncommon among a number of players, with a Dublin player yesterday revealing that she had spent close to €100 on in-game purchases to help progress her character faster in the game.

As part of this new deal, Lynk said it will cost players €30 for one hour and there are quite a few terms and conditions thrown in.

Among them is that they can only travel within a set boundary of Dublin and can’t travel during peak times.

Lynk has also set a limited time to go on one of these tours, with the offer expiring on 26 August.

If there was something worth bearing in mind for Pokémon Go players, it would be that the eggs you collect in-game will not hatch while doing this tour as the game monitors your walking distance, not driving distance.

Pokémon Go in car image via Angelina Pilarinos/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic