Pop star adds star power to Samsung’s new MP3 player

15 Mar 2011

Music fans can tune into their favourite songs anytime, anywhere, with Samsung’s new thumb-sized ‘Tic Toc’ MP3 player, which features in pop star Pixie Lott’s new video for Broken Arrows.

The Samsung Tic Toc is 35.9mm, small enough to fit into a pocket or clip onto clothes. It features full motion control, 12 hours playback, 2MB or 4MB memory, and comes in pink or blue.

Users can skip and pause tracks just by holding the Tic Toc horizontally and shaking it left or right.

Two play modes, fast and slow, recognise the speed of songs in the music library, giving listeners the freedom to select a playlist to suit whatever activity they are doing, such as working out or just chilling out.

Tic Toc’s voice guide also enables listenters to say the name of the artist and the song being played – handy for keeping up with new music releases!

“The Samsung Tic Toc is perfect for all music lovers, and it’s fantastic to see it in action in Pixie Lott’s latest video. We’re absolutely delighted that Pixie is a huge fan and are sure there will be many more following in her footsteps,” said Simon Stanford, head of mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland.

Lott herself described Tic Toc as “the cutest MP3 player ever!”