PS4 follows Xbox One’s lead with new 1TB version

22 Jun 2015

Just two weeks after Microsoft announced that the Xbox One was to receive an upgrade with a 1TB hard drive, Sony has decided to follow suit with the PS4 getting its own 1TB update.

Known as the PS4 Ultimate Player Edition, the updated console will feature the larger hard drive, which many have been calling for, with some gaming critics stating after the PS4’s initial release that the size of modern video games prohibits users from being able to install games onto the console.

Discussing the topic back in February, IGN writer Jenna Pitcher looked at the breakdown of the PS4 hard drive and found that from the 500GB offered, 93GB were set aside for the console’s operating system, leaving 407GB for remaining files.

Based off her calculations, the average PS4 player would be able to fit 12 full release games on the console before it begins to run out of disk space, contrary to previous consoles.

Another slight upgrade to the hardware sees its weight reduced slightly from 2.8kg to 2.5kg, perhaps being more streamlined.

Launching in Europe on 15 July, Sony sayss it will retail for €399.

The announcement comes just two weeks after Microsoft showed off the Xbox One, which also came with a 1TB hard drive, but also included a new controller design in its efforts to trump Sony, which remains marginally in the lead in terms of console sales.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic