Rebecca Black’s Friday gets Game Boy treatment

11 Apr 2011

Fans of teenage internet sensation Rebecca Black’s song Friday may well enjoy an unofficial Game Boy Color ‘game’ inspired by the tune.

YouTube member “smalesandpayne” has crafted a ‘video game’, which is only an animation at the moment, of Friday, the video for which has gone viral on YouTube.

The ‘video game’ follows the storyline of Friday. A digitised Rebecca has to get out of bed, don some “fresh clothes,” “go downstairs,” “get cereal” and “go to the bus stop.” The reward for completing each of these tasks is a thumbs up.

Next, Rebecca’s friends drive up in a five-seater car. Four seats already contain passengers and Rebecca has to choose a seat, using hearts. Obviously, she can’t pick a seat that’s already occupied, and if she uses up all her hearts, a rapper makes fun of her.

The release of Friday and its video have resulted in listeners and the media making fun of Black. The Independent in the UK has called it “the worst song ever” and the majority of feedback on Twitter was negative towards the video and the simplistic lyrics of the song. Internet search giant Yahoo! had even asked, “Is YouTube sensation Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ the worst song ever?”

The negative feedback had not gone unnoticed, and Black, in her first interview since the song had been released, told The Daily Beast, “At times, it feels like I’m being cyber bullied.”

It hasn’t all been bad for Black, however. The 13-year-old has recently received a MTV O Music Awards nomination in the Favorite Animated GIF category.