Rebecca Black’s pal in Friday video draws her own fame

5 Apr 2011

The girl in the pink dress who is ‘dancing awkwardly’ at Rebecca Black’s side in the video for Friday is growing her own fanbase. Benni Cinkle (13), has amassed nearly 14,000 ‘Likes’ on her Facebook fan page and even has her own website.

Cinkle, an eighth-grader from Southern California, appears in the Friday video for about half a minute.

“My life changed on March 4th, when my friend Rebecca’s music video, ‘Friday’, went viral,” Cinkle says on her website. “I am that girl in pink who sits to the right of her in the nighttime scene. Ever since then, I’ve been talking to people all over the world! I’m a vegetarian, and I have been since July 5th, 2010. I am in love with Justin Bieber.”

Visitors to Cinkle’s website can join her fan club from there and receive updates on what she is up to, be it singing, painting and e-books. That’s right, e-books. Cinkle’s Internet Survival Guide is available for download for free from her website.

Even though Friday has been deemed “the worst song ever” by some media and Cinkle’s dancing in the video received negative comments, the teen isn’t letting the criticisms get to her.

“There were many people saying mean things, but there were also thousands supporting me,” Cinkle continues on her website. “I decided to focus on the good things, and make the whole dancing thing a joke.”

Comments on Cinkle’s Facebook fan page, ‘Benni Cinkle (Girl Dancing Awkwardly – Official Page)’ are much more complimentary, with one fan asking Cinkle for dancing lessons and another saying she is more deserving of fame than Black.

Benni Cinkle's Facebook fan page