Rebekah Brooks gets Friday parody

22 Jul 2011

Former News International executive Rebekah Brooks is the subject of a video that parodies Rebecca Black’s viral hit, Friday.

The parody video on YouTube features an auto-tuned singer performing to new lyrics that include the lines, “Friday, Friday, gotta resign on Friday” and “James is in the front seat” and “Rupert’s in the back seat.”

Brooks was the editor of the News of the World Sunday tabloid when illegal phone hacking was allegedly carried out by the newspaper.

She resigned as chief executive of News International last week, following criticism of her role in the controversy. On 17 July, she was arrested in connection with phone hacking and corruption allegations.

Brooks, chairman and CEO of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch and his son James Murdoch appeared before a British parliamentary committee earlier this week to answer questions about the scandal that has engulfed News Corp, the Metropolitan Police and Westminster since July 4.

Watch the Rebekah Brooks Friday parody here:

Rebekah Brooks Friday parody