Reddit releases official apps for iOS and Android

8 Apr 2016

Reddit, the so-called front-page of the internet, has revealed its new offical iOS and Android apps

Discussion boards site Reddit – the so-called front page of the internet – has released its first official apps for iOS and Android after spending a considerable time in beta.

The new iOS and Android apps are being projected as a Reddit experience for core users but with the ability to add photos, join and read comments and get the latest news.

Top content will be surfaced on the mobile layer by the number of upvotes by users.

Users have been waiting for official native apps to emerge from a sea of third-party clients.

Interestingly, Alien Blue, the popular third-party app that Reddit acquired in 2014, will no longer be available in the App Store or on Google Play.

New features on Reddit’s new iOS and Android apps


The new apps feature threaded comments to make it easier to join and read comments, an improved inbox for direct messages and image-sharing on a scale that could concern Pinterest and more.

The new apps also feature a night theme for reading, as well as the ability for moderators to be able to customise the way subreddits look.

The app is also extremely fast to download as it is only 4.8MB in size.

The app is one of the long-standing promises that Reddit has made to its user community in terms of technology and follows a tumultuous mod revolt last year that ultimately led to the resignation of interim CEO Ellen Pao.

In the period that followed, Reddit doubled down on its mobile app development, including hiring Chen Chen from Instagram to become its lead iOS engineer and spearhead the in-house development of apps.

Reddit image by Eric Steuer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years