Rovio gets real with Angry Birds Star Wars II, coming 19 September (video)

15 Jul 2013

Rovio Entertainment and LucasFilm have joined forces once again and this time toy-maker Hasbro will also have a key role when Angry Birds Star Wars II, which mixes physical figures with app-based gameplay, arrives on 19 September.

Angry Birds Star Wars II will feature new stories and levels based on the most recent Star Wars films (which, incidentally, are the prequels to the original stories). It also brings with it more than 30 playable characters and, for the first time ever, the choice to fight with the Rebel Birds or join the Pork Side and back Darth Vader Pig’s evil Empire.

So far, 63pc of fans have already signed up for the Rebellion, facing off against 37pc fighting for the evil pig Empire.

Each of the game’s 30 characters will also be available as Telepod figures from Hasbro. These small toys can be scanned by the app to instantly teleport a character into the game, allowing players to adapt their line-up and choose who to launch as they go. Users will also be able to launch their Rebel Bird figures in real life to topple the evil pig Empire.


Though Angry Birds has spawned all manner of merchandise, this is the first time these toys provide additional interaction with the game. Rovio may have taken inspiration from the successful Skylanders video games, which is based on the same concept.

The Telepods will start arriving in toy stores in September while the app will be available to download from 19 September.

Rovio would not comment on rumours or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the new game, but the Finnish company did reveal that a Return of the Jedi-based story will be coming to the original Angry Birds Star Wars soon.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Rovio released this teaser image of the 30 characters coming to Angry Birds Star Wars II

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