RTÉ seeks video contributions from children for experimental documentary

28 Aug 2012

RTÉ is inviting kids across Ireland to contribute to a collective documentary focusing on the daily lives of Irish children. The experimental project intends to use content from hundreds of children, no matter how it was filmed, be it on a camcorder, with a camera crew, or using the camera on a phone.

There are about 1.2m children under the age of 18 in Ireland, and RTÉ is asking young contributors to make a two-minute video capturing what they do, see, feel and think on Tuesday, 25 September. The video content will then be assembled to form a documentary entitled Life’s Like This, due to be broadcast in late autumn on RTÉ Two’s young people’s schedule.

This user-generated documentary project intends to provide an insight into children’s lives in modern Ireland in the lead up to the country’s first referendum on the rights of children, expected to be held in late October or early November.

Submissions must be unstaged and unscripted, filmed any time from pre-dawn to night-time on 25 September, and anything goes in terms of subject matter – from a dentist appointment to a Facebook session.

The short clips, however roughly shot, are then to be uploaded to the website for inclusion in the final documentary.

UPDATE: This article was updated on 17 September 2012 to reflect the final title for the documentary project, Life’s Like This and website for same.

Image of child with video camera via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic