Rural Tipperary firm’s app ‘Palm Reading Booth’ storms global app charts – No 2 in UK

12 Sep 2012

Just to show the digital economy could be accessed by any Irish firm from any location, an app called ‘Palm Reading Booth’ created by rural Tipperary firm Chocolate Lab Apps has stormed the App Store best-seller charts from Canada to Australia and New Zealand and is currently at No 2 in the UK free entertainment charts.

Chocolate Lab Apps was founded only four months ago by games producer Elaine Heney and has already published 15 apps over the summer months, from finance to health and lifestyle.

Heney also runs and, two equine-inspired start-ups.

“Creating apps really is the ultimate mobile lifestyle. I can work from anywhere. All I need is my laptop and iPhone. We’ve published new apps every week since July. The job is great … I don’t have to commute into the city for work and get more time to spend training horses at home,” Heney explained.

‘Chocolate Lab Apps is looking forward to building more great apps this autumn. The mobile market is exploding in size currently, growing twice as fast as the internet boom in the ’90s. There is a huge opportunity to get involved in this market.

“Chocolate Lab Apps is working on a mobile app development programme to help people with no programming experience to create their first mobile app,” she added.

palm reader

‘Palm Reading Booth’

Main mobile apps image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years